Saturday, October 15, 2005


Ever since I moved home I've become a little happier, a little more relaxed among other things. The one thing that is hard about having moved home is that I don't really have any girlfriends. There's something about can't really put it into words. I love all of my sisters...but girlfriends are different. I miss my girlfriends....they're awsome.

So last weekend, I packed up the ION and headed east to CT to see them. 7 hours and a lot of coffee later, there I was, being mauled in the middle of the bar by my girlfriends. It was great. We proceeded to have such a fun weekend - full of some of the most juvenile behavior I have ever witnessed...and I haven't had that much fun in a long time. One day I'll introduce you to Pete the Potato - he joined us over the weekend and had fun too.

Sunday my friend came up from NYC to visit ... first time introducing her to the CT contingent but all went well & everyone got along as I hoped, and knew, they would. We watched alot of football and just hung out. It was the rejuvinating weekend that I needed more than I realized...we all needed it.

Here's to girlfriends....thanks for everything....cheers!


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