Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I love my job ... I know how incredibly lucky I am to be able to say that. But on a daily basis, I am also frightened. Mostly frightened of how damn creative these scammers/counterfeiters are, how they are always one step ahead and always changing their tactics just enough to throw off the general public and/or the general public's bank! We deal with all kinds of scams on a daily, no, hourly basis .... and I've been going out to the offices and REMINDING them about all the frauds. And I train the new staff about fraud and counterfeit checks and scams. I like to think that I do a decent job at it too.

But when "front line" staff don't recognize the time honored Lottery / Sweepstakes Scam and say to me "Here's the name on the letter. Is that one of the ones that's a scam?" And I in turn say, "Well, they are always changing names and they use so many that I can't keep up with them. But trust me, it's no good." And her response is "REALLY?!?!? Wow, that's just crazy. I can't even believe that." .... I want to hide under my desk and cry.

She needs to be reminded ... big time ... I'll be making a visit


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