Wednesday, August 13, 2008


As cliche as it is, where has the year gone?

Here in the South, the young ones have gone back to school, and I feel the need to recap why I have been MIA.

I started this post thinking that the year had been pretty uneventful and boring, but then I realized all the crap that has happened, and unfortunately, audience, the topics are not really appropriate to be posted, but feel free to call me for any updates.

The year has been horrible at work and unfortunately that colors my mood overall. The good news: my personal life has never been in better order:

• Christmas shopping: Done (thanks again Red Envelope)
• Wills: In process and to be completed soon
• Insurance: Now we have adequate coverage (what can I say, I have been digging deep?)
• Financial Planning: Done (wish I had finances to plan-see job slowdown above, but if and when I do, the plan is in place)
• Linked-In: Up-to-Date
• Facebook: Joined and waiting for friends
• House Projects: All that we wanted/needed are completed

The most notable item that is suitable for blogging is our new puppy, Mollie (aka the Devil). She has been a nightmare to train. She is a whole separate post for a later date, but let’s just say her “issue” stumped 3 dog trainers and 2 vets. Yeah!


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