Sunday, May 04, 2008

Gentlemen, Start Your ...

Imagine tailgating for a football game for 3 days but with more Winnebegos and confederate flags (more a function of my location rather than the sport); that's how I describe my first Nascar race. The weather was great, and the energy was unbelievable. The noise is deafening. Fortunately someone I work with recommended renting the headphones which let you hear the announcers and the pit conversations and stop some of the noise. If it wasn't for the headphones, I would have been bored out of my mind--aside from the excellent people watching. Lots of things amazed me about the race, but here are the highlights:
-They serve hard liquor up until the last 25 laps (which is approximately 5 minutes)
-They let you bring in coolers filled with alcohol
-Free parking
-Every person in the stands has driver gear on (which is serious money)
-SMOKING IN THE STANDS (and everyone does it)

A week after the race, I was at dinner in Charlotte with a customer. The restaurant was a converted church which is an experience in and of itself. But the big news was that I met Jimmie Johnson, and he is H.O.T. He was having dinner with his very-cute wife and some friends, and my customer knows his wife, so he introduced me. Fortunately I was too busy gawking at his body to embarass myself by asking for an autograph or telling him about my first race experience, but I was happy that I at least knew who he was.

Anyone want to come down for the race in October????


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