Sunday, October 23, 2005


Why is it that when you search and search to buy big item (painting, furniture, etc.), you eventually become frustrated and settled for something that isn't quite what you wanted but is close enough. But as soon as it is delivered, you find exactly what you wanted, and it's cheaper, but not cheap enough to warrant having 2 things that serve the same purpose. This is a true problem in the world, up there with world hunger.

My living room is painted khaki, and there is a brown couch against the longest wall, so the wall needs a large painting with some color. From the moment I moved in, I wanted a panelled painting to hang on the wall. I envisioned 3 panels with deep earth colors.

In 7 months of searching I did not find one panelled painting until the Allentown Art Fesitival while at Emily's wedding. It was pretty, but not exactly what I had pictured--it was 6 panels and pastel. The artist was really nice; the scene was Kueka Lake; and it wasn't too expensive, so I bought it. We even bought special frames, and Mike assembled the frames and hung it, and all was good. At that point, we were just happy to have something on the wall.

Fast forward to this weekend, I flip through a catalog--the wall hanging is there--3 panels with beautiful mustard yellow and maroon flowers. Perfect for my taste. Now I can't stand to look at my pastel painting.

Is it excess to have both????


Blogger Leah said...

have you met my crappy couches, delivered just before we closed on the house (2 years ago) that have already had the cushions replaced due to balling and squishing. pieces of sh*t that were on sale at simply sofas which (surprise!) is now out of business.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Esther said...

Right there with ya on the couches sista. Kaufmanns can suck it for the crap they sold me for $1400. It will be years before we can replace them. They looked good for a week!

7:41 PM  

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