Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fully Recovered

I had a big week at work this week. I haven't written much about work, but I'm in sales. I work for a large commercial real estate lender.

I closed my first large loan since my promotion, and even though the responsibilities are similar to what I doing before the promotion (basically running arond like a crazy woman trying to track people down to make sure they delivered everything we needed to deliver on-time and handling all the "surprises" that come up during closing a loan), but the stress was different. For those of you who spoke to me over the last 3 weeks, I probably wasn't paying complete attention, so if I ask repeat questions, my apologies.

But after a day of sleeping, working out and doing mindless activities yesterday, I have fully recovered-just in time to gear up for final exams and presentations at school, but only 3 more weeks until the semester is over.


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