Sunday, April 01, 2007


Warning: this post is very girly.

I never realized how much maintenance my appearance required, until I tried to fit it into one weekend. Normally I'm able to spread it out over various days:

-Hair cut every 6 weeks
-Hair coloring every 8 weeks
-Makeup purchases as needed
-Nails filled every 2 weeks
-Toenails painted every 2 weeks during the summer only (boots season is off)
-Eyebrows waxed every 4 weeks

Everything fell into this weekend. After 3 phone calls to schedule my hair appointments around my class, the total hair processing took 3 hours, that includes makeup and product purchases.

Nails and toenails took an hour and a half, but Mike had his done as well, so I was able to multitask with quality time with my husband, being pampered, reading trash magazines, watching the food network, and being out of the house for the prespective buyers (yep--3 tours this weekend).

I like the way my hair looks, but the nails are a chore. I have acrylic nails because I cannot break my gross biting habit, and it's not very professional to shake someone's hand and say, "I'd like to give you millions of dollars" with hang nails and split nails. Likewise with the open-toed shoes.

No wonder I can't make time for important things like catching up on TiVo and going to the gym. Can you blame me?


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