Sunday, July 23, 2006

Blogging Bursts

I've noticed that when I am motivated to blog, I have numerous short stories or items to mention, so I'm going to try to embrace the burst and maybe they will come more often.

Mike and I had a wonderful anniversary weekend-great dinner on Friday night, followed by a good round of golf on a beautiful course on Saturday and shopping Saturday night and a lazy Sunday. I have thought much recently about how much our young marriage has endured and thrived, and I am too moved to blog about what a wonderful man Mike is and how lucky I am that I found him.

Tonight we played golf in a couple's league (which really means my husband carries me through the round), and we played with this couple who were a pair of curmudgeons-no interest in chit-chatting, no compliments over good shots--just all business. Good news though, we (I mean Mike) beat them. Overall this was the worst pair of our golf season. We did have one awkward moment with a couple who were very religous. I made a terrible putt which end up rolling down a large bank, so I went from 20 feet from the hole to 50 yards from the hole. I yelled "Are you (ryhmes with ducking) kidding me?" and I thought she was going to fall over. Fortunately it was the 16th hole, so it was only awkward for 30 minutes.


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