Saturday, July 01, 2006


Playing golf every weekend results in ugly tan lines:
  • Men can hide the farmer tan better; a wife-beater is probably not a staple in a golfer's wardrobe.
  • Collared shirts lead to an small tan/sunburned V around my neck, requiring me to wear high-necked shirts for most of the summer. I'm not known for plunging necklines, but turtlenecks during the Atlanta summer cause all sorts of other problems.
  • My left hand is so white it virtually shimmers like Michael Jackson's glove from the 1980s because of the glove. I just noticed today that my right hand is noticably darker.
  • No matter how good my pedicure looks or how cute my sandals are, they could not overcome the sock line. The no-show socks ride down during the round and then I have blisters-no pain, no gain, I guess.


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