Saturday, April 07, 2007


One week after we brought Griffin home, we said goodbye to Skittles. His health had been deteriorating for a few months, and we could no longer maintain any quality of life for him and took the humane action. The void in the house is huge even though months have passed. Only now can I write about it; it is amazing how much an animal becomes part of the family.

As Griffin grows, I see so many qualities similar to Skittles. He is incredibly inquisitive—always wants to know what is going on, and will follow you anywhere you go. When he is disciplined, he runs back for reassurance. He always greets everyone with a happy wagging tail (not ideal for security). Griffin sticks his head out the car window, the same way Skittles did.

One quality they did not share was intelligence. Skittles learned tricks right away and was sneaky; he would figure out how to get food from the table without us knowing. Griffin, on the other hand, walks into glass doors and falls up the stairs regularly, but he is loveable and recovers well.

Now Griffin needs another friend, so the second dog campaign begins again.


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