Thursday, November 17, 2005


One day a few weeks ago, I'm sitting outside, minding my own business reading my book, enjoying the good weather for as long as I can in October in Buffalo. I've got my book & my crutches....I'm totally happy. Until I hear, "Um, you happen to have a cigarette I could bum?" I look up to see a relatively young girl, old enough to smoke, harmless I give her one and let her use my lighter. Usually, whether or not I respond to whatever the request may be, they go away at this point...thanking me on their way. Not this girl....oh no! She sits down next to me and begins talking...."oh, did you hurt yourself?" C'Mon honey....I've got 2 crutches sitting next to me - what do you think? Here's another Captain Obvious but again, I bite my tongue. I say "yes, I broke my ankle" and continue reading. She continues talking saying that she doesn't mean to bother me, seeing as I'm reading and all but "I live in Niagara Falls...and I came down here to find my baby's daddy..." people REALLY say that?!?!?! ..."and I needed to get money from him but he wouldn't give me any!!! Can you believe that?? This is his child too and he won't give me any money! So now I'm here and I don't have enought money to get back to Niagara's like $7.00. But my very good friend is helping me and he's already got $.50!! Do you have any money so that I can get back to Niagara Falls?" I tell her no, I don't, sorry. Now she's going to leave right?? Nope...."I've got a job and everything and I want to go back to school but I can't right now and I've got this job but I only work three days a week and it's not enough. He should give me money because it is his kid too! I mean I'm 18 years old and I've got a 3 year old to take care's hard enough to take care of yourself let alone having a 3 year old too. I don't want to give my baby up for adoption or anything....I've already done that....but I don't know if I can do I'm trying to get enough money to get back but I've already been called a crack head...can you believe that??" Needless to say, this continues until I get up and leave, cutting my lunch break short on account of her. Whatever. So I assume she makes it back to NF in one piece and has left her baby's daddy behind in Buffalo. Not so much...a few days later, I'm getting coffee & I'm down to one crutch and I hear "HEY YOU STILL HURT??? DO YOU NEED ANY LIGHTERS?? GOT 'EM 4 FOR A BUCK!!!" um, no thanks...and keep going.....and she proceeds to show up and attempt to ruin my lunch break 3 more ask youself - why doesn't she come to Buffalo to get money from her baby's daddy when she's saved up enough money to go ROUNDTRIP??? good times...gotta run


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birds of a feather . . .

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