Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Aaaah.....downtown....there are so many things about working downtown that I love....the people, the activity outside (when it's nice out)....just the general 'urban' atmosphere. I work across the street from the Main Place Mall and for those of you that don't know it - you should really keep it that way . But for me....I love it. It's got enough stores that can keep me occupied, summer or winter during my 1/2 hour lunch break.
But my favorite thing about working downtown are the people. The people that frequent my little block/area of downtown are, well....interesting. Take for example...I read alot, just stand outside and day, I wasn't reading, I was leaving early and ran across the street for a quick cup of coffee and a smoke. Minding my own business.....and I hear "'ve usually got your nose in a book.....not today though!!" My first inclination is to look at him and thank
Captain Obvious for his most amazing powers of observation. But I bite my tongue and say "Yep....just out on a quick break today...." and go about my business.....ignoring him. He keeps talking and talking and talking......until I cut him off and say, "Listen, I'm only on a quick break today - I've gotta run and get coffee....bye!" And go get my coffee while realizing that he may or may not be hitting on me I can't be sure. A few weeks later I'm standing in the same place and get approached by this rather cute guy asking me if I mind answering a few questions on the Skyway for Streetvoice which will appear in the Artvoice....sure, I say even though I have no desire whatsoever to talk at that point, having had the flu the day before and having broken my broken my ankle less than a week before. I'm a good sport so I answer the questions and feel like I sound dumb and stupid and dread the next Friday when that issue of the Artvoice comes out. Out it comes...the following Friday like clockwork and I read the Streetvoice. I don't sound halfbad, just a little angry. So mine is at the bottom of the I begin to read the other responses, and I look up the page........and there he is ... Captain Obvious....


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