Saturday, March 25, 2006

Pouring rain.....

So as I told you the other day I told you I got a promotion (WOOHOO!!!) which inevitably means a raise (WOOHOO!!) and it is coming none too soon. Leah called me the day I got the official offer from my house. She had been doing laundry and when she went downstairs came upon a medium sized river of water flowing through part of the basement......from my water heater. Long story short - my water heater rusted through the bottom and was leaking water everywhere...awesome. Well...ok, it could be worse and as John put it, it's a good thing I know the lady downstairs. So I call Gino, our friend the plummer who is going to get me a new one ASAP. Loooonger story shorter, he came over this morning to replace my water heater and while he's doing that I'm going to go to the gym. I go to get in my car and start it....and it won't start...ugh. I call AAA and they come and it starts but they tell me I need a new battery b/c the one I've got is the original from probably 2001 before the car was manufactured. So I take the car down to my mechanic and get it replaced before it dies somewhere totally anywhere

what raise???


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