Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tracking Points All over the Place

In this era of customer rewards, I find that I spend more time tracking points and analyzing the best time to redeem miles and points than many of the other more important chores in my life. I realized I was truly sick when I woke up at 3am today calculating how many miles I would be earning on my trip to DC today and how many points I could redeem toward Mike's new car.

The following is a short summary of the programs to which I belong, carry a card in my wallet and actively use/redeem. This list scares me due to content, length and that is not all encompassing:

1) Hertz Club Gold: Understandable because I travel for work
2) Delta SkyMiles: Same as above
3) Marriott: Same as above
4) Starwood Points: Depending boss travel companion, their hotel requests differ
5) American Express: I married into this reward system, but it has great awards.
6) AirTran: Most useful for flights to Buffalo
7) American Poker Invitational: Local poker league, earning points to other touranaments:
8) Credit Card 1: Earns regular points for redemption almost anywhere
9) Credit Card 2: Earns points toward Volkswagen service for my car
10) Credit Card 3: Earns points toward purchase of car
11) UPS Frequent Shipper: Earns points toward mailing packages (I got sucked in while sending Christmas presents)
12) Casual Corner Privileges: My company sponsors it, so it came in the mail and earns points toward clothes
13) RedEnvelope Frequent Shopper: Earns gift certificates at different purchase levels
14) Last Minute Tee Times: Book tee times at participating golf courses and earn points toward other tee times

I carry cards to all of these!!


Blogger Leah said...

Starwood points to a night at the W......priceless

By the way, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Atlanta W. I know you live there, but it's awesome.

7:56 PM  
Blogger Esther said...

I got a set of luggage from westlaw with all the points I earned as a law student. I had it down to a science how many times a day I had to log on just to get the max number of points. Apparently they think lawyers are above this kind of crack addiction, but I could really use a new set of luggage...

8:31 AM  

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