Sunday, February 19, 2006

Daytona 500

No one that I know who reads this cares one iota about Nascar....but I'd like to toss out my congrats to this year's Daytona 500 winner....Jimmie Johnson. Last weekend he ran in qualifying and ended up with the 5th fastest run....only to be knocked to the back of the pack, punished for illiegal modifications made to his car. Then to add insult to "injury", his crew chief was banned for the rest of the week and most notably, today's race. He sat at home and watched his driver start at the very back of the line. And then watched him creep & creep up......until with 14 laps to go, he was in the lead. He kept that lead and ultimately won the race...a first for Jimmie.

Now he could still be tossed if Nascar officials find anything wrong with his car that goes against regularions.....but that is doubtful and I hope that it doesn't happen. Jimmie deserves this....he's a hard driver, but more so, he's clean. He drove his heart out today and it paid off.

Kudos to you Jimmie and your team!!!

PS....Scott - All 3 of your boys were enthralled with the end of the race :-) Especially Sammy...I'm bringing him over to the dark side, hehehehe


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