Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I really truly think that I've got a sign on me that only 2 and 4 year olds can see and it says this:


Yes, it's there....I know it....tonight I put the boys to bed and read three good, long stories to sammy (who was very mushy)....and one of the boys just will...not...quiet down....and it is a different kind of scream. so i poke my head in to find noah standing in his crib, butt naked from the waist below - pants & diaper on the other side of the crib bars. So I go in and he starts "gigi....gigi....."ing me. soooo, I pull him out while grabbing the diaper & pants to try and put them back on and then he starts "poo...pooo...." so I, ever the sucker, put him on the potty....nothing, we wait, still...nothing....and more nothing....hi, have we met?? I'M A SUCKER!!!! he is now in bed w/ his diaper on, sans pants....and still no poop.


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