Sunday, September 09, 2007

Finishing What I Started

I've been packing in the hopes that my energy will will someone to buy my house. Just in case with get the full-price offer that wants to close all-cash in 2 weeks, we need to be prepared. As luck would have it, I have started use to recommend books to my friends and seeing what they recommend. As I was packing the books today, I decided to put them on goodreads and then donate them. As I was posting, I realized, I have never finished half of the books in the book case. I've started them and vaguely remember the storylines, but somehow, they made it from the nightstand to the book case without being finished. I doubt that I became bored with them; the stories were interesting (I remember that much).

Hopefully the weight of the world will be off my shoulders by December when I finish my MBA and these books. And it would be great if I could celebrate by moving (or at least that the crazy mortgage Gods agree to let me refinance).

PS I also realized that for virtually every big business meeting I've attended, I've been given books. I went through all the trouble to lug these hokey books about how to be a better salesperson, a better employee, the next CEO, and to learn how to effectively listen and adapt to people's styles and you get the picture and now they sit next to the books I actually find interesting, having never been opened. Yet, I'm not going to donate them. I feel compelled to keep them and go through the trouble of moving them. Maybe someday I will need them as a reference point...


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