Monday, December 24, 2007

Step One

So we're doing this challenge in my office ... weight loss and general health and well-being. So we teamed up a few weeks ago and starting January 2nd, we're all going on diets and general health kicks to all lose some weight. We picked the teams at our christmas, er Holiday party and I started talking to a friend of mine who is a Marine and he offered his assistance with my routine. Workouts, diet, etc. He also, very blantantly, "suggested" that quitting smoking should be a part of my routine. I started thinking about it and he and another friend started getting on me about it. Aaand then my big boss got in on the action today and since he's on my team I know it's not the end of it.

So January 3rd ..... here I come.

The side bet is that if I can make it to June 3rd (5 months) w/o a cigarette the two of them will take me out to dinner at a restaurant of my choice. The flip side, is that if I do have even just one, I've got to take the two of them out .....

Wish me luck!!!! Stay tuned


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