Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I can't post at work anymore. I don't know why, and that's really not much of an excuse for my lack of posts, but lately, my workload is, shall we say limited?

Limited would be a good word. This will be the first Christmas in 7 years that A DEAL MAY NOT FUND IF I DON'T TAKE THIS PHONE CALL IMMEDIATELY AND WORK MYSELF INTO A BIG PANIC, FAMILY!!!!! You'd swear that I save people's lives with the way I act, but nope, I really just play monopoly with OPM.

The update is that I am one week from my finishing school--yep, I'm serious. One final exam stands between me and free time. But with the way I have been acting lately you would not know that I am taking a really hard class this semester. You would also think that I am made of money because I have been shopping non-stop. Today, I saw an article pointing out that shopping online is good for the environment due to gas mileage, probably published by some retail organization. Like a good eco-friendly person, I promptly spent loads of money on Christmas gifts (for next year, Silly; my shopping is already done). Um, do you think that the UPS truck gets better gas mileage than my Passat? Yep, I didn’t think about that before I hit the “confirm” button. See how that graduate degree is already paying off?????

So with this limited amount of work, I have redecorated the house. First it start with the hardwoods which were meant to end my funk over not selling the house. That plan worked a little too well, I bought all new accessories—pillows, a desk, new pictures for the wall, a book case, and on and on. Mind you, all at great prices, but really. That spending spurred me to buy a new bedroom set which also then required new pictures, lamps, and bathroom accessories. We did not repaint though; I had to draw the line somewhere.


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