Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Date update

I've been reminded that people actually read my blog which I always forget so I hardly ever update because I'm a bad blogger ....

Update on the date ... it was alot of fun & I had a great time. We didn't end up going for Thai but ended up at this restaurant, Page's on Transit. Very unassuming little sports bar and restaurant with a cool menu and good food. We had a decent view of a TV to keep an eye on the Sabres game and they had a mini-video crack machine right at the booth which we both very date-like ignored until the temptation became too much and it could be ignored no longer. I started talking Tri-Towers smack and challenged him to a game. Needless to say, all those Monday nights at Faherty's paid off and I kicked butt not once, not twice but three times! He was a good sport about losing to a girl and finally conceded defeat ... done and done!

After dinner, we finished watching the Sabres game and then met some people that he works with for a few drinks & darts.

All in all it was a fun night and we had a great time. He's a really nice, funny guy ... I'm pretty sure that we're going to see each other again but when has yet to be decided. And then yesterday, Bridget begged the question ... which I had thought about ... do I buy him a gift for Christmas???

We both think, no ... but maybe I make him dinner one night and serve a really awesome dessert and have him bring some really nice wine (did I mention that he actually KNOWS about wine?!?!? SCORE!!!)

Stay tuned ......


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