Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sliding Doors

Lately I've been have lots of thoughts about serendipity. What would have happened if I had gone to law school? What would have happened if I hadn't take the job assignment with Mike's business? Where would Mike be? Where would I be?

I'm disappointed that the house hasn't sold. Really disappointed. More disappointed than I thought I would be. Yet I can't help but feeling that it's for a reason. I'm not a huge believer in destiny, but I have an strong feeling that the house didn't sell because we are going to be moving from Atlanta. For that reason, I'm excited to see what happens. I have no clue for what reason, but it's eerie.

On one hand, I could be just wishing and hoping to move back to Buffalo sooner rather than later. On the other, I could be just a victim of the mortgage meltdown.

At least I have new hardwoods to distract me.


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