Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bridget Needs

I love this game--sadly for me it involves lots of references to soap operas and Bridget Jones. I bet Gina gets some good hits.

1. Bridget needs a permanent loving family.

2. Bridget needs to grow up a bunch here and let him go. She will never mean as much to him and she knew the depth of her feelings from the start. (I'm hoping Bold and the Beautiful reference)

3. Bridget needs a strong tea after a pint of beer and Wang needs a special brew ofa Chinese blend of tea that promotes energy. (Who drinks tea and beer?)

4. I agree that Bridget needs to know what deceitful pigs Nick and Brooke are. (All references to the Bold and the Beautiful, though I agree that all the Brookes I have known are pigs)

5. The Beatles may have said all you need is love, but what Bridget Jones needs isa nice soundtrack to get her through a terrifying cesspool of womanizers (who doesn't need a soundtrack for her life).

6. I'd say Bridget needs to watch out for her more than a little obnoxious friends.

7. Bridget needs some new clothes that's why she doesn't have any friends around tovisit she's embarrassed. (yikes!)

8. Bridget needs to get a grip (ain't that the truth).

9. But before these copies can be printed, Bridget needs approximately $300 to paythe printer. (the website then goes on the describe in graphic detail how Bridget "earns" this money--descriptions not menat for this G-rated Blog."

10. I don’t think you can call Bridget a Buddhist because she has too many needs.And she loves them. (this website was dedicated to analyzing Bridget Jones' spirituality--those people need to get out more.)


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