Saturday, January 14, 2006


I work in Alpharetta, GA, and due to Atlanta traffic, I also live there. It's a nice suburb, as suburbs go. With the exception of Whitney and Bobby living here and occassionally fighting in the local restaurants, it's pretty quiet.

When I first moved here, someone told me that North Fulton County had the number of plastic surgery operations per capita than any other county in America (including whatever county Beverly Hills is in). Someone else told me that breast implants are a common high school graduation gift. Over 2 years, I have noticed a large number of women have had visible work done, but until today, I didn't really give it much thought.

I was having my hair done this afternoon, and a girl who was probably 8 or 9 sat next to me. The little girl was attending a banquet for her horse riding tonight and was having her hair put up. The hairdresser said, "You have beautiful highlights," to which the little one responded, "I don't get them done here. We usually go to another salon."

And I thought, "Odd that a child with a single-digit age has highlights put in her beautiful blonde hair," but I started dying my hair as a freshman in high school, so whatever.

What she said next surprised me, "But my mom says I have to wait until I graduate from high school to get my boobs done."

Umm, hello, has she hit puberty? I'm hoping this situation is a function of where I live, not a nationwide epedmic.


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