Wednesday, February 08, 2006

BINGO is my name-o

Often times my weekend consists of laundry, running errands, drinking coffee and just general hanging out and relaxing. I like those weekends...they're nice. Last weekend I was presented with an rare go play BINGO. Now, I can't tell you the last time I played the game but it brings to mind many thoughts. Not the least of which is, "At 28, I'm going to be one of the youngest people in this room." So, off I go, pick up my friend Erika and Kristen and we go and meet Kristi, her husband and another couple - friends of Kristi and her husband. After we get the low down on how it all works (it is not as easy as it might sound....) we sit w/ our friends and get the rules of the game....when we can and can't say "BINGO!!", etc. I notice that the girls have easily, 20 bingo blotters...these are no average everyday bingo blotters either. There is a website, where you can get all sorts of bingo playing paraphanalia, bags, novelty bingo blotter (3 Stooges for example). And then we get started and I see that these girls do not mess around. More so that the blue haireds.

To quote Indigo Montoya..."Let me start from the, no, there is too much. Let me sum up..." When you get there, you pay $3 admission and for your money you get a pack of sheets with 3 playing boards on each page. Each page has a different color, green, yellow, etc.

So we begin play....and we get through the first win, oh well. Next game, new page...tear off the first and go to the next. And I look over and see that Kristi and her friend have changed the color of their Fun, I can see that......and then I notice that they are using the matching color bingo blotter to the color of the border of each particular game, even the "specials". These girls are lifers......


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