Monday, September 17, 2007

Short Lived

So yesterday I was all relaxed and de-stressed, and I thought this feeling would be like a vacation hangover and at least get me through today. Not so much. I went back to the total chaos that my job has become due to this whole "liquidity crisis" crap. I gave very bad news to some customers on the day before they closed their loan (think of when you closed on your house, now imagine that your bank called you while you were signing documents and said, "Instead of your mortgage for $100,000, we are going to give you a mortgage for $90,000"--I didn't do that but that's the only way I can compare it). So that involved some harsh words from my customer and some not-so-nice tones.

In addition, the water in my office tastes like crap. I'm not sure what happened to the filtration system (which I always thought was for show and that the tube just went through that big box to make us think it was being purified). Either way, the water tastes gross now.

Did I mention that while I have one imaginary move, I also have a real move happening next month. We are moving offices which also entails changing phone numbers with no forwarding capabilities. Did I mention that I am in sales which involves contact information and a lot of communication via the phone? Now when people call and are greeted with "This number has been disconnected with no forwarding number," I wonder if they will think that we are out of business due to the crisis mentioned above. So I have that going for me ...

Also, I haven't done my homework for tomorrow. I keep telling myself it is only 3 more months until I am done, but I really hate group projects and one of my classes is only group projects, so I have that going for me.

Lastly, now that my house has been on the market since Jesus wore short pants, 4 realtors called telling us that they could do a better job than our realtor. Fortunately Mike handled them because my response would have been something to the effect, "The commission is split 50/50, so if you want to get paid and think you could do a better job, then bring people to my house--that way you are guaranteed 50% of it. Otherwise, stop calling." There would other colorful phrases inserted throughout my comments, but I am too tired to go there, and I have a pounding headache.


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