Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Birthday season approaching

I've always loved my birthday. I wholeheartedly believe that it's a season much the same as Esther does .... it should be celebrated for days and days and days.

This year is a big one for me ... 30! I'm not freaked out about turning 30, I don't feel old ... I feel weird! It's just strange to think that I will no longer be in my 20s. Then I think about how strange it must be for Leah, John, my mom and my dad ... I'm the baby so it's probably pretty weird for them too. But holy crap .... I'm going to be 30!

The countdown begins ... one month & one day from today I will no longer be a 20-something.

Almost with out thought, a day was planned here for the 18th of November ... how ironic that it's the day before my birthday?!?! So I will be spending the last day of my 20s with 10 of my favorite women .... yipee!!!!! Pampering and lounging and drinking yummy wine in my squishy robe and slippers. aaaaahhh .......


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