Wednesday, January 02, 2008

T Minus .... 10 hours and counting

In less than 10 hours ... I will be proudly calling myself a Non-Smoker! I'm a little nervous but it's very much a good thing so I am looking forward to it!

I've got a very nice dinner at the end of 5 months of being smoke-free .... and another after a year of being smoke free.

It may sound strange but it's sad in a way ... like losing a good friend ... been there for you good times & bad, whenever you need it, etc. I know many of you don't understand it and that's alright. It's strange for sure but it's a friend that I need to say goodbye to. It's not a very good friend in that it's terrible for your health and is just plain gross.

So, in 10 hours I shall bid you adieu old friend ... Marlboro Lights in a box ... may I never fall prey to your wiley ways again.


Blogger Bridget said...

I'm so impressed with you!!!!!

3:16 PM  
Blogger mchalema said...

a craving only lasts 7 minutes. So...take a shower, go to the movies, mall, church,etc. And remember-it's not going to be as hard as you think it is. And, if the old broad can do it, anyone can. Need help, we're across the street. Grandma Mare

8:38 AM  

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