Monday, September 18, 2006


I have been caught in the merger zone. My bank was bought by a bigger bank 2 years ago. I still cannot make a deposit at an ATM; I must physically go into the bank and speak to a teller. I don't make deposits frequently, but I need to go either on my lunch hour or Saturday morning when there are 15,000 other people in the bank. I appreciate the lollipops, friendly greeters and complimentary copies of Reader's Digest, but why do I need to stand in line to deposit by $25 refund check? I guess this is a good excuse to try to the suck-thing at the drive through, but that line is just as long.

Bank- "Please take my money."

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

No Holds Barred

What is it about the hairdresser's chair that makes it like a confession?

Because I have embarked on the seemingly neverending project to dye my hair darker (note to viewers: going light is so much easier and sustainable), I do spend an extraordinary time with my color specialist, "Melissa." She is bubbly and fun-loving and always has entertaining drama in her life. However, I find myself telling her stories that ordinarily I wouldn't tell someone whose last name I barely know--nothing truly intimate but random things. As they come out of my mouth, I think "Why am I telling her that I have X-ray vision … still have my childhood teddy bear … dance naked to Shakira around my house on a regular basis?" Not really, but you get the picture. No topic is off limits.

It's not just Melissa either; I do the same thing with the woman who cuts my hair (different specialties call for different people). On my last 3 hour visit, I asked Melissa and Susan about it, and their response was that everyone tells the hair dressers incredible details about their lives. The person before me told Melissa about her miscarriage before she told her husband. Another colorist told me that she had a husband and wife as clients, and she saw them separately but on the same day recently. He told the colorist that he was planning on leaving the wife, and the wife told the colorist about this big vacation she was going to surprise him with on the 10 year anniversary. The person sitting next to me who telling her hair specialist about how she just had her first sexual encounter (it was her first time to the salon).

Maybe it's the great shampoo massage that totally relaxes me into my verbal diarrhea ... Maybe they put something in the herbal tea … I always leave a good tip because, well, she might tell someone of my love for the Gene Simmons reality show?

Friday, September 08, 2006

Why Do I Love You So?

Every Monday I say that I am going to give up drinking soda (I'm officially southern and calling it soda--keep an eye out for your invitation to my debutant ball). I have been able to successfully kick all of my other vices (most of the illegal ones at least, well ... whatever, they are managable). But I cannot give up soda--I'm truly addicted and afraid to count the number that I drink everyday.


Monday, September 04, 2006


Dawn and Spencer (our first couple friends) came over for dinner last night and brought their girl weiner dogs, Lanie and Sadie, to meet Skittles (his first dog friends--and Girls!). Despite the 2 accidents on the carpet, the meeting went well as soon as Skittles learned that when he tried to display dominant behavior (nice way of saying hop on the girls from behind) would result in nipping. The girls learned to love each other, defending each other when Skittles tried to approach, when at home, they avoid each other. Skittles loved the girls and was exhausted from all of the excitement.

Skittles needs a puppy as a playmate and defender.