Monday, December 24, 2007

Step One

So we're doing this challenge in my office ... weight loss and general health and well-being. So we teamed up a few weeks ago and starting January 2nd, we're all going on diets and general health kicks to all lose some weight. We picked the teams at our christmas, er Holiday party and I started talking to a friend of mine who is a Marine and he offered his assistance with my routine. Workouts, diet, etc. He also, very blantantly, "suggested" that quitting smoking should be a part of my routine. I started thinking about it and he and another friend started getting on me about it. Aaand then my big boss got in on the action today and since he's on my team I know it's not the end of it.

So January 3rd ..... here I come.

The side bet is that if I can make it to June 3rd (5 months) w/o a cigarette the two of them will take me out to dinner at a restaurant of my choice. The flip side, is that if I do have even just one, I've got to take the two of them out .....

Wish me luck!!!! Stay tuned

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Done ...

With school. There are things to say. but still in shock and the holidays have taken over my life. More in 2008.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


overheard in the fitting room last night:

Younger female: Mom, I think you need a bigger size, that's a little tight
Older Female: Oh no, I LIKE it tight ...
Younger female: Yeah but things are worn a little baggier now
Older female: I LIKE it tight b/c it keeps me in
Younger female: yeah but .... you need to learn to wear things a little more baggy
Older Female: But I LIKE them tighter I told you

Me (in my head): So what you're saying is that you like to give youself a muffin top? That's got to be attractive

Date update

I've been reminded that people actually read my blog which I always forget so I hardly ever update because I'm a bad blogger ....

Update on the date ... it was alot of fun & I had a great time. We didn't end up going for Thai but ended up at this restaurant, Page's on Transit. Very unassuming little sports bar and restaurant with a cool menu and good food. We had a decent view of a TV to keep an eye on the Sabres game and they had a mini-video crack machine right at the booth which we both very date-like ignored until the temptation became too much and it could be ignored no longer. I started talking Tri-Towers smack and challenged him to a game. Needless to say, all those Monday nights at Faherty's paid off and I kicked butt not once, not twice but three times! He was a good sport about losing to a girl and finally conceded defeat ... done and done!

After dinner, we finished watching the Sabres game and then met some people that he works with for a few drinks & darts.

All in all it was a fun night and we had a great time. He's a really nice, funny guy ... I'm pretty sure that we're going to see each other again but when has yet to be decided. And then yesterday, Bridget begged the question ... which I had thought about ... do I buy him a gift for Christmas???

We both think, no ... but maybe I make him dinner one night and serve a really awesome dessert and have him bring some really nice wine (did I mention that he actually KNOWS about wine?!?!? SCORE!!!)

Stay tuned ......

Friday, December 14, 2007

Changing tides???

It's too early to tell for sure ... but the tide may be a changin' with my dating life. I had met a guy a few weeks ago who was really nice and we had a great time hanging out and were planning on seeing each other again but due to an unforseen tragedy I haven't spoken to him in a while and that's alright. Right now he's got to concentrate on himself and his family and healing.

However, then, due to a work related situation, I started up a conversation with one of the staff members at one of my branches. Long story short, we went out for drinks on Monday and tonight ... he's taking me out to dinner!! Dinner I tell ya! Like a real date!

I'd rather not discuss the last time I was out on a real date ... let's just say, it's been a good long time. So I think we're going for Thai tonight .... should be interesting as I've never had it and I don't know a thing about it.

Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


All hell broke loose at the office today; I can only assume it was related to me saying how I have been slow at work. It really cramped my online shopping and studying for MY LAST FINAL (did I mention that I'm almost done with school- please let me pass this final).

Did I also mention that it's 77 degrees here? Not very Christmas-y.

Lastly, did I mention that Mike and I driving to Central NY to spend Christmas with his family? Hear we come 20-hour drive (and maybe divorce court after said drive). Anyone know of any good books-on-CD?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I can't post at work anymore. I don't know why, and that's really not much of an excuse for my lack of posts, but lately, my workload is, shall we say limited?

Limited would be a good word. This will be the first Christmas in 7 years that A DEAL MAY NOT FUND IF I DON'T TAKE THIS PHONE CALL IMMEDIATELY AND WORK MYSELF INTO A BIG PANIC, FAMILY!!!!! You'd swear that I save people's lives with the way I act, but nope, I really just play monopoly with OPM.

The update is that I am one week from my finishing school--yep, I'm serious. One final exam stands between me and free time. But with the way I have been acting lately you would not know that I am taking a really hard class this semester. You would also think that I am made of money because I have been shopping non-stop. Today, I saw an article pointing out that shopping online is good for the environment due to gas mileage, probably published by some retail organization. Like a good eco-friendly person, I promptly spent loads of money on Christmas gifts (for next year, Silly; my shopping is already done). Um, do you think that the UPS truck gets better gas mileage than my Passat? Yep, I didn’t think about that before I hit the “confirm” button. See how that graduate degree is already paying off?????

So with this limited amount of work, I have redecorated the house. First it start with the hardwoods which were meant to end my funk over not selling the house. That plan worked a little too well, I bought all new accessories—pillows, a desk, new pictures for the wall, a book case, and on and on. Mind you, all at great prices, but really. That spending spurred me to buy a new bedroom set which also then required new pictures, lamps, and bathroom accessories. We did not repaint though; I had to draw the line somewhere.