Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy Days

I know I've talked about how much girlfriends mean to me. I met my best friend 10 years ago when we were thrown into this crazy thing called a dorm room. We actually had it pretty good ... it was a triple so there was another girl there with us although it turned out to be a short term situation. Then we were the luckiest girls at Northeastern, er, Northeastern. Anywho ... while living at Emmanuel & attending Northeastern, Sarah and I became fast friends. We've had our ups and downs but we've always remained friends. And I *finally* got to meet her boyfriend of a few years, George, a couple of weeks ago. We all trekked up to Great Sacandaga Lake (Adirondacks) for the weekend. He's wonderful ... I really, really like him alot. And I could tell that Sarah did too. But most of all, I could see how much he lurves her.
The first night we were there, we all went for a little trip around the woods - Sarah & I on the 4 wheeler and George on his dirt bike (sans helmet). Very leisurely romp around the woods right? Um, no ... not when you hit a BIG rock and go flying over the handle bars like George did. So off we went to small Adirondack-town ER to get him checked out. He was fine ... broken bone in his hand, got his bell rung pretty good but otherwise ok. But before we knew that he was going to be alright and no head injuries were sustained - Sarah came out of the exam room and needed to find a bathroom. She puked ... she was so scared for George that she puked. Sarah, who has been in situations with George next to her, guns drawn (maybe), confronting dangerous people or situations (they're police officers) ... puked. At that point, I knew how much she lurved him back.

Well apparently that did it for him too ... he up and bought a ring and now THEY'RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Sarah & George!!