Monday, April 23, 2007

Hours of Class: 5
Hours Spent Studying: 2
Rounds of Golf: 1
House Showings: 0 (boo)
# of Pairs of Shoes Purchased: 6
# of Pairs of Black Shoes Purchased: 5 (sad, isn't it)
Hours of Tivo watched: 5
Hours of Sleep: 10
Hours of Work: 1
Number of Puppy Accidents on the Carpet: 0 (yeah!)

That pretty much sums up the weekend.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Game on

"Our God
Who art in HSBC
Miller Be thy name.
Thy puck come
Thy save
be done
In the air as it is on ice.
Give us this day
our Stanley cup
and forgive us our slashing
as we send out Peters
for those that slash
against us.
And lead us not into golfing
but deliver us from injury.
For Miller is the Goalie
the power and glory
for ever and ever ... Amen..."

Thursday, April 12, 2007


For the first time in a long time, I am stuck in the Atlanta airport. I forgot what good people watching it is. Though I am wondering why the heck I am going to New York for less than 10 hours, but I am going to a very yummy restuarant. Sometimes I love expense accounts.

More Playoff Hockey excitement

This is worth every minute it takes to read it ....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Playoff Hockey

Just in case I wasn't already excited enough .... I read this and now I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!

Seems as though not only Buffalo fans have the faith

Saturday, April 07, 2007


One week after we brought Griffin home, we said goodbye to Skittles. His health had been deteriorating for a few months, and we could no longer maintain any quality of life for him and took the humane action. The void in the house is huge even though months have passed. Only now can I write about it; it is amazing how much an animal becomes part of the family.

As Griffin grows, I see so many qualities similar to Skittles. He is incredibly inquisitive—always wants to know what is going on, and will follow you anywhere you go. When he is disciplined, he runs back for reassurance. He always greets everyone with a happy wagging tail (not ideal for security). Griffin sticks his head out the car window, the same way Skittles did.

One quality they did not share was intelligence. Skittles learned tricks right away and was sneaky; he would figure out how to get food from the table without us knowing. Griffin, on the other hand, walks into glass doors and falls up the stairs regularly, but he is loveable and recovers well.

Now Griffin needs another friend, so the second dog campaign begins again.

Fully Recovered

I had a big week at work this week. I haven't written much about work, but I'm in sales. I work for a large commercial real estate lender.

I closed my first large loan since my promotion, and even though the responsibilities are similar to what I doing before the promotion (basically running arond like a crazy woman trying to track people down to make sure they delivered everything we needed to deliver on-time and handling all the "surprises" that come up during closing a loan), but the stress was different. For those of you who spoke to me over the last 3 weeks, I probably wasn't paying complete attention, so if I ask repeat questions, my apologies.

But after a day of sleeping, working out and doing mindless activities yesterday, I have fully recovered-just in time to gear up for final exams and presentations at school, but only 3 more weeks until the semester is over.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Spring is here in Atlanta, and I can tell because it's Masters Week and because everything outside is tinted yellow from all of the pollen. Fortunately, no allergies for me yet, but the yellow is gross and everywhere--cars, building windows, concrete. No reason to wash the car because the pollen flocks to anything remotely clean.


Warning: this post is very girly.

I never realized how much maintenance my appearance required, until I tried to fit it into one weekend. Normally I'm able to spread it out over various days:

-Hair cut every 6 weeks
-Hair coloring every 8 weeks
-Makeup purchases as needed
-Nails filled every 2 weeks
-Toenails painted every 2 weeks during the summer only (boots season is off)
-Eyebrows waxed every 4 weeks

Everything fell into this weekend. After 3 phone calls to schedule my hair appointments around my class, the total hair processing took 3 hours, that includes makeup and product purchases.

Nails and toenails took an hour and a half, but Mike had his done as well, so I was able to multitask with quality time with my husband, being pampered, reading trash magazines, watching the food network, and being out of the house for the prespective buyers (yep--3 tours this weekend).

I like the way my hair looks, but the nails are a chore. I have acrylic nails because I cannot break my gross biting habit, and it's not very professional to shake someone's hand and say, "I'd like to give you millions of dollars" with hang nails and split nails. Likewise with the open-toed shoes.

No wonder I can't make time for important things like catching up on TiVo and going to the gym. Can you blame me?