Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Career Limiting

I meant to email my friend, but instead I emailed a senior executive in my office. I concluded the thankfully brief email with "Hugs and Kisses."

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Blogging Bursts

I've noticed that when I am motivated to blog, I have numerous short stories or items to mention, so I'm going to try to embrace the burst and maybe they will come more often.

Mike and I had a wonderful anniversary weekend-great dinner on Friday night, followed by a good round of golf on a beautiful course on Saturday and shopping Saturday night and a lazy Sunday. I have thought much recently about how much our young marriage has endured and thrived, and I am too moved to blog about what a wonderful man Mike is and how lucky I am that I found him.

Tonight we played golf in a couple's league (which really means my husband carries me through the round), and we played with this couple who were a pair of curmudgeons-no interest in chit-chatting, no compliments over good shots--just all business. Good news though, we (I mean Mike) beat them. Overall this was the worst pair of our golf season. We did have one awkward moment with a couple who were very religous. I made a terrible putt which end up rolling down a large bank, so I went from 20 feet from the hole to 50 yards from the hole. I yelled "Are you (ryhmes with ducking) kidding me?" and I thought she was going to fall over. Fortunately it was the 16th hole, so it was only awkward for 30 minutes.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Congratulations Mike and Lisa

The baby is beautiful. Congratulations! Keep the pictures coming!


This is a scene from a car ride home last night:

Mike: What's going on over there?
Bridget: Sprinklers

Awkward Pause

Bridget notices the 2 ambulances with flashing lights and the 3 police cars next to the lawn being watered.

Bridget: Oh.
Mike: Laughing.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Welcome to the world Baby Maeve!! You are beautiful and perfect....and very, very loved!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Playing golf every weekend results in ugly tan lines:
  • Men can hide the farmer tan better; a wife-beater is probably not a staple in a golfer's wardrobe.
  • Collared shirts lead to an small tan/sunburned V around my neck, requiring me to wear high-necked shirts for most of the summer. I'm not known for plunging necklines, but turtlenecks during the Atlanta summer cause all sorts of other problems.
  • My left hand is so white it virtually shimmers like Michael Jackson's glove from the 1980s because of the glove. I just noticed today that my right hand is noticably darker.
  • No matter how good my pedicure looks or how cute my sandals are, they could not overcome the sock line. The no-show socks ride down during the round and then I have blisters-no pain, no gain, I guess.