Monday, January 30, 2006


I work with 3 other people--2 are directors (with volume targets) and 1 is an associate director (along with me). We all have a great working relationship, even though our styles vary significantly. I am fortunate because the 2 directors have been in their positions for 8+ years, so they have lots of experience and industry knowledge from which to learn. However, all of us are pretty intense personalities, so it can get a bit difficult around our office at times.

We are in a bit of a slump, even as a team. We don't have any deals signed up right now, which is the first time since I have been here (2 years), and it is a bit depressing. I know sales is kind of an ebb and flow situation, and that once we have one deal, it will generate great momentum, but it's feeling very depressing around here right now.

Now I do have some prespective... This slump is not as bad as, let's say, the conflict in the Middle East or world hunger, but it effects my day-to-day life, so it's what I'm thinking about right now.

Too Cute!!!

Baby Jacob

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Welcome Baby Jacob!!!

Welcome Jacob Tyler Reis!!!

We love you very much.

The new addition arrive on January 28, 2006 at 1:30 am.

He weighed 7 lbs. 3.5 oz and was 19.5 inches long.

The whole family is doing well.

Pictures to come soon!

Friday, January 27, 2006

What a girl needs we go!! Here's what I need, according to Google...good times

Security Briefs: Customizing GINA, Part 1 -- MSDN Magazine, May 2005The tricky part here is that your GINA needs to tell WinLogon whether this is... Any modal dialog you show from GINA needs to be interruptible by WinLogon. (If I could figure out what this is, I'm sure I'd need it)

Security Component Development - Windows Components : Windows NT ...Replacing the entire logon process means that the GINA needs to take care of all the... The GINA needs call WlxSasNotify whenever it recognizes a SAS,

"Gina Needs" meme - mom is rightGINA needs to listen for custom SAS events on another thread ... Gina needs asevere reprimand for having done what she did--probably . (whatever it was, I hope it was fun!)

another busy day for the cut-out witch » 2005 » NovemberGina needs to do her job. C’mon, it’s Friday! Gina needs a Doublemeat Medley anda Double Value whatever and some other stuff. I love Double Value whatevers ('s Friday!! Double Meat Medly, count me in!)

Free help for diet addicts from someone who's been thereGina needs to change her self-talk. Here are some new ideas and beliefs ...Most important, Gina needs to start to believe that she possesses nearly all the (ok....probably a little bit true....)

Thinklings » Blog Archive » Jared Definitely Needs to Lay the ...Gina needs to be able to reach out to him, rather than have him initiating. 6.Gina needs a makeover (What exactly are they trying to say?) (Makeover?!? Again...count me in!)

Greyhounds In Need of Adoption Inc.Greyhounds In Need of Adoption Inc. (GINA) located in Southern Ontario, Canada,is a non profit charitable organization of volunteers dedicated to finding (Who knew?)

Gina NZ's Crossdressing Pages - BiographyThe continual suppression of my dressing needs made me a very unhappy and ...the damage to both the woman and myself when Gina needs that dressing time. DeafNation Insider - Cinderella: The Story of Gina ...That was a very complete make-over job covering all of Gina's needs, and becauseof all the work done, she is able to look more stunning and in the

(Meeting the Core, Not Treating the Symptoms)File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTMLhome and that, maybe, Gina needs to be able to. reach out to him, rather than (Rather than what??? This could be the key to my future!!!)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bridget Needs

I love this game--sadly for me it involves lots of references to soap operas and Bridget Jones. I bet Gina gets some good hits.

1. Bridget needs a permanent loving family.

2. Bridget needs to grow up a bunch here and let him go. She will never mean as much to him and she knew the depth of her feelings from the start. (I'm hoping Bold and the Beautiful reference)

3. Bridget needs a strong tea after a pint of beer and Wang needs a special brew ofa Chinese blend of tea that promotes energy. (Who drinks tea and beer?)

4. I agree that Bridget needs to know what deceitful pigs Nick and Brooke are. (All references to the Bold and the Beautiful, though I agree that all the Brookes I have known are pigs)

5. The Beatles may have said all you need is love, but what Bridget Jones needs isa nice soundtrack to get her through a terrifying cesspool of womanizers (who doesn't need a soundtrack for her life).

6. I'd say Bridget needs to watch out for her more than a little obnoxious friends.

7. Bridget needs some new clothes that's why she doesn't have any friends around tovisit she's embarrassed. (yikes!)

8. Bridget needs to get a grip (ain't that the truth).

9. But before these copies can be printed, Bridget needs approximately $300 to paythe printer. (the website then goes on the describe in graphic detail how Bridget "earns" this money--descriptions not menat for this G-rated Blog."

10. I don’t think you can call Bridget a Buddhist because she has too many needs.And she loves them. (this website was dedicated to analyzing Bridget Jones' spirituality--those people need to get out more.)

Monday, January 23, 2006

Hurt in a car?

Long, long ago, in a land, far, far away (Connecticut & Massachusetts)...I was once a Bodily Injury Claims Adjuster. I dealt directly with people "hurt" in accidents for a while, but for a loooooong time, I dealt with their "attorneys".

I have dealt with the slimiest of slimy Personal Injury attorneys. I *think* there are legitimate ones out there...I'm not sure though b/c I bet they don't advertise. And if they do, not to the extent that, oh say, The Barnes Firm (formerly known as Cellino & Barnes) does. It's shameless....period, end of story. So today, while scanning the headlines on, I found this:

It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling....aaaahhhhhhhhhhh.........................


i have nothing to blog about......stories i find one else does ... like the time i heard my mom snoring through the floor/ceiling :-)

Saturday, January 14, 2006


I work in Alpharetta, GA, and due to Atlanta traffic, I also live there. It's a nice suburb, as suburbs go. With the exception of Whitney and Bobby living here and occassionally fighting in the local restaurants, it's pretty quiet.

When I first moved here, someone told me that North Fulton County had the number of plastic surgery operations per capita than any other county in America (including whatever county Beverly Hills is in). Someone else told me that breast implants are a common high school graduation gift. Over 2 years, I have noticed a large number of women have had visible work done, but until today, I didn't really give it much thought.

I was having my hair done this afternoon, and a girl who was probably 8 or 9 sat next to me. The little girl was attending a banquet for her horse riding tonight and was having her hair put up. The hairdresser said, "You have beautiful highlights," to which the little one responded, "I don't get them done here. We usually go to another salon."

And I thought, "Odd that a child with a single-digit age has highlights put in her beautiful blonde hair," but I started dying my hair as a freshman in high school, so whatever.

What she said next surprised me, "But my mom says I have to wait until I graduate from high school to get my boobs done."

Umm, hello, has she hit puberty? I'm hoping this situation is a function of where I live, not a nationwide epedmic.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Do Not Call Does Not Work

We registered our home phone number on the "Do Not Call" list on the first day the list was available. Since then, we receive 4 to 5 telemarketing call per week, and Mike diligently writes down the phone number and reports the violations on the "Do Not Call" website, but they never seem to end.

These calls typically do not bother me because I am rarely home, but this morning at 4 am when the phone rang and the caller came up as "Unknown," annoyed does not begin to describe my feeling. None of my friends use my home number really, so I'm sure it wasn't someone I knew.

Not a great way to start a Tuesday.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

What Could Have Been?

Please meet the puppy that Mike would not let me buy ... Boo Hiss, Mike.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Laugh Out Loud

These pictures made me laugh out loud. Isn't this taking road rage a little too far? I mean seriously ...