Thursday, January 31, 2008

Crazy Buffalo Weather

So we all know Buffalo is known for its wild and crazy weather ... but when wind does this to a brick building ... when the temperature drops from 53 to 18 in 6 hours ... when Lake Erie's depth goes up 10 1/2 feet in Buffalo and down 5 feet in Toledo in a matter of 3 hours .... there's got to be another word for it!!! See here to read more about it all

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Thanks again to everyone who's been following my progress as I quit smoking! I appreciate all of your support and stories. Jessi reminded me though that I've got this other blog and other things going on in my life other than quitting smoking =)

I am still dating Mark ... things are good but tough b/c this month he's been working like a fiend and we've both got vacations and time away from Buffalo scheduled and just generally alot going on between the two of us. Things are good though and he's a great guy and I quite like him. So stay tuned ... I promise that I'll keep you updated! Here's to hoping that February isn't as hectic!!

Other than that ... Bridget and I met in Florida this weekend and had two days of doing a whole lot of not much of anything. We went to Miami for the day on saturday and tried not to stare too much at the beautiful people walking amongst us ... meanwhile laughing at the guy on the bicycle in his demin overalls and the rooster perched on his handle bars. Yes, a real rooster .. not a fake, plastic one ... 100% real. It was awesome! We had 2 scoops of probably the best ice cream I've ever had plopped into the best waffle dish (handmade in front of my eyes) I've ever eaten. All in all, it was a good, relaxing weekend.

And now it's back to reality .....

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Day 1

Instead of taking up tons of posts here ... I decided to make a whole brand new blog here

Join me in this new chapter of my life and wish me luck!!!!

thank you to everyone for all of your love and support thus far ... please keep it coming as there will be many a day when I'm going to need your helping hand!!!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year's

2007 Recap

1. Spent too much money at the dry cleaner. So much so that she gave us a gift certificate to one of the best restaurants in the area for Christmas.
2. Went to Hilton Head and San Diego for the first times and loved both of them.
3. Finished my MBA.
4. Made gold status on Delta.
5. Missed silver status at Marriott by 2 nights. I’m still hoping that they will give it to me anyway. Mike says to keep dreaming.
6. Saw the Police in concert.
7. Missed one customer meeting and started to keep 3 calendars to avoid that happening in the future.
8. Turned 29.
9. Drank too much diet coke and not enough water.
10. Failed at selling our house and then redecorated it.
11. Spent New Year’s Eve in Kansas City (both Kansas and Missouri).

National Lampoon’s

The drive to upstate New York ended up being 15 hours one way. We had decent weather, and 2 books on tape to keep us entertained. We stayed in 2 ghettos motels on the trip; we slept with turtlenecks through socks to avoid the bed bugs. I scratched my leg so hard that it bled. I choose to believe that it was dry skin, not some disgusting bug bite which carried disease.

Christmas with the family was excellent, lots of laughs and gorging on good food and sweets. Griffin was the hit of Christmas, cuddling on everyone’s lap and generally charming them with his inquisitive personality.

Now the holiday let down has set in. I’m been looking for jobs in Buffalo. Any suggestions?

T Minus .... 10 hours and counting

In less than 10 hours ... I will be proudly calling myself a Non-Smoker! I'm a little nervous but it's very much a good thing so I am looking forward to it!

I've got a very nice dinner at the end of 5 months of being smoke-free .... and another after a year of being smoke free.

It may sound strange but it's sad in a way ... like losing a good friend ... been there for you good times & bad, whenever you need it, etc. I know many of you don't understand it and that's alright. It's strange for sure but it's a friend that I need to say goodbye to. It's not a very good friend in that it's terrible for your health and is just plain gross.

So, in 10 hours I shall bid you adieu old friend ... Marlboro Lights in a box ... may I never fall prey to your wiley ways again.