Saturday, December 31, 2005

Gift Giving

I try to give thoughtful gifts. I try to find gifts that people will use but that they probably would not have purchased for themselves. Usually I am so excited about the gift because I know the person will love it that I can't wait until the occassion to give it to them; it's an annoying habit, and one that I am trying to resist from now on because Mike received his birthday present 3 months early this year and my mom received her Christmas present 5 months early and that just isn't fun.

Anyway, this Christmas I was particularly pleased with the gifts I gave and the reception that they received, especially to Mike's children and his soon-to-be-grandson. But I cannot take credit for the best gift that I gave: The 20th Century Children's Storybook Treasury, an amazing collection of classic stories that every child grows up hearing. Leah recommended the gift to me, as a book that Sam has enjoyed at all stages of his life. When Alison and Dave opened the book, they smiled and said thank you and moved on to the next gift, but later that night, they read the list of stories included, and they could not put the book down. They were so thankful and recognized how much the book will be used and how they will love reading the book to the baby, and we loved their reactions.

The best part was that I found the book for half price!!!

Thanks Leah!

A Look Back

2005 was an eventful year ... In no particular order

  • I bought a new house
  • I married my soul mate
  • I unnecessarily stressed myself out about the party
  • I cut 6 strokes off my handicap
  • I learned to play poker
  • I gained some weight (a lot of weight)
  • I rode a horse for the first time
  • I dealt with the hectic pace of life in general and took 3 classes for my MBA
  • Happy occassions around me: Baby Julia joined the family, Alison and Dave were married, 3 of my good friends got married (not to each, but to really great guys), Michael John became a police officer, among other things that I can't remember but that made my smile at the time.

So I haven't had as much time to blog as I would like, but I am looking forward to 2006 ...

Deliquent Blogger

I promise to be a better blogger in 2006

I promise to be a better blogger in 2006

I promise to be a better blogger in 2006